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ストロボ・エッジ : twinkle love.

ストロボエッジ; STROBE EDGE
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t h e ∙ s t o r y.
how it all began.

Ninako is a meek, gentle high school student. She has never been in love. Ninako asks Daiki, who has feelings for her, about what being in love feels like. She thinks he is a good guy but…? One day, on the train home from school, she bumps into Ren, a popular guy at school. With just a short conversation and his smile, she experiences a new feeling. Just what is this feeling!? Ninako’s first love is starting!

t h e ∙ c h a r a c t e r s.
those who are involved.

Ninako is the main female protagonist around whom the story revolves. She is a very kind and gentle girl who falls in love with Ren Ichinose. When she finds out that Ren already has a girlfriend, she resigns herself to being just a friend and to quietly hold onto to her feelings. Ninako is very caring and modest, willing to return any favor even if it is something small.

Ren is the school idol who is basically good at everything and plays the role of the main male protagonist. He likes to keep himself isolated from most students and is admired by all of the female students. Although he already has a girlfriend, Mayuka, Ren tends to lose his guard around Ninako. He later realizes his feelings for Ninako, but tries to forget about her by distancing himself.

Andou is Ren's middle school friend and also has an idol-like status. Andou takes advantage of his position and is a big time player among the female students. His opinion changes after meeting Ninako, who has a strong effect upon him. He eventually falls madly in love with her, saying that he loves her honesty, and often tries to win her favor.
t h e ∙ r u l e s.
what you must follow.

• All posts that are made in this community must have something to do with Strobe Edge.
• Icons are allowed. A maximum of 3 icons may be posted outside of a livejournal cut.
• Fanart & Fanfictions are allowed.
• Spoilers must be posted behind a cut. We don't want to ruin things for the other members.
• Discussions are allowed.
• Downloads to manga chapters / raws will be locked.
• Bashing, arguing or fighting is not allowed.
• Always tag your posts with the appropriate tag.

c r e d i t s.
giving thanks to.

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